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As if a space opera would somehow be more accessible
by the way the drums is Animal like the muppets got their hands on 'em
so my incisors sink into the synthesizers
deconstruct percussion interrupted by the fire
Drum provider bribed her just to maybe get inside her
Desire kept tucked in 3rd grade all nighter.
So will you bang this in the whip? No?
I didn't think so. Fun was fun once, now dunce demands to go home.
Under cover agent reading hardy boys at bedtime
assisted by the moonlight and outside a neon sign
Fine but time passed and now he finally joins the world
got older, realized barbie dolls weren't just for girls.
Malibu dream house espoused to visitor status
classless asshole and dazzle the apparatus
massless castle so inflict the harm on me
I don't even toot my horn. the sample do it for me.

so keep your ear to the dirtiest section of the floor boards
the basement's straight Merlin no anthropomorphic sword
Still bored? Okay pack it up Let's get it moving
Proving I can carry the wound as well as soothe it
Supplement illest in the world beat tilter
before I purse my lips I suck a fucking camel filter
king cole spoke truth but dead by the cancer
Like if I get a few good years in, making smoking is the answer.
pure oxygen environment prohibits such activities
My head is floating in space and I mean that quite literally
really though, the terrestrial issues got me steaming
or maybe just wilting
rent past due tilting
pinball wizard turned pinball illusionist
turned pinball birthday clown turned "how do I do this?"
I used to have a bank account. what happened?
It ran out.
can't do this shit myself just enjoy what rick ross rap about

and this is not rap music,
It's just music and just so happens that i'm rapping to it stupid
torn between creating art and just consuming it
Invited to the potluck, brought no dish abusing it
Venn diagram with "fuck the man" in the overlap
like I'm not punk? like this ain't some fuck the world rap?
A circus act of professional loud talkers
thank jesus, talk slaughter, spit pauper, hawk water
fuck bitches got daughters fallacy is obvious
So godless and still dragon slaying great regardless
of my background or foreground fuck it man i'm profound
if you dig though all the garbage and black tar deep down
frown stained mug, shrug at anything you step with
relentless takeover Supplement J-Hova
so in the great ancient tradition of the last show
i'll be back for one more and one more and one more and one more


from The Most Frustrating People In The World EP, released January 13, 2012


all rights reserved



Supplemental Friend

rapperproducersongmaker from Pennsylvania

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