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this song is about pizza and being underestimated


I am often not on top of shit
My algorithm is idealize disappoint and never quite get off of it
my rhythm is black eyes unsettling just rhyme on top of it
Sit in parked cars bumping it and people call the cops and shit
I am often an unsavory friend
My ethic is peek-a-boo disappoint and never fucking peek again
My record's subdue smash and rock mics until the end
I'm supplemental friend and I will never ever blend
I am often lost inside my head
My pastimes assess catastrophe and never fucking try again
My rhymes come out the factory and filter through the pen
No matter what message I send I am not here to offend.
I am often without a stable plan
My mother's favorite phrase "get a good job grow up and be a man"
I am other so it's unlikely you could really understand
Just gimme a hand. I'm back by no demand

feral social butterfly a former guy that people knew
ReCocooned underpass troll asleep in the tollbooth
Roll two Don Knots flashing all of y'all the gas face
whole fan base is confined between the lines of this parking space
do you like my face? Yeah I didn't think so.
Whole crews freak show medical oddities legitimate
and actually make me feel like i'm a kid again for real
i can't reinvent the wheel its kind of a big deal.
to lift that anchor, man, and the get voyage going
i am titantic i can feel it man. i just know it.
She is iceberg. It is iceberg. what ever obstacle it is
i know that my frame will be crashing directly into this shit
not interesting enough to be studied and talked about for century,
SS Supplemental quietly finds a plot in ship cemetary
in february I made bangers
in march i crawled fetal
in april i dodged bankers
in may i smoked lethal
in june i went full boone coonskin cap discustoid
scope the lifestyle I'm suprised I'm not more 'noid
enter and exit the void like schiztoid and mastered it.
with or without plastic tips supplemental disastered it
Asshole in real life, on the mic tragic kid
This is not the peak in the waveform i'll deal with it
Supplemental ride the valleys of this shit like murderous
eat too much pizza underground on some teenage ninja turtles shit


from PARKING LOTS, released March 1, 2014


all rights reserved



Supplemental Friend

rapperproducersongmaker from Pennsylvania

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