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subtle jab at current relations


Subtlety nah dogg I don't know the meaning of it
deliberate deliberately internally I'm screaming it
Scheming on a plot to talk both ears off
But I don't think I could really come across sincere enough
Fuck us. It's just I. It's done. Just die.
And I'll die too cause I know you hate to lose.
no Tom Cruise on my end. My body stays planted.
I'll be alone listening to slanted and enchanted
Ear to the pavement to feel what's coming next
But the person in the projection just looks perplexed
Until now, its been as complex as Proto-life protein strands
I'm full blown mammal. But I only have two hands.
so i cannot juggle all these personas effectivley
son brother friend supplemental and employee
you wanna toss another chainsaw up in that mess?
i'll be upset if you do, but at least it's progress.
No stress zero in the forseeable path
It's gonna take heavy math to subtract all that
but fuck that metamorph still erratic as fuck
eradicated my bucks my whole life's in the trunk

Unpack. park the car. meander to the woods
and i guess i'll just pitch my tent in your neighborhood
"It's just temporary" obligatory mantra chanting practically
post post modern version of a greek tragedy
victim of badgering and unwarrented finger pointing
in exchange for a possibility of entering the void again.
george foreman me for a definition of these activities
"i don't really know" I reply half-heartedly
and part me is no vacancy. the other part we flip the off switch
and i am no tracy dick. but i think i may of solved this
I am blatant you are gradient binary to decimaly
discrete as the state of my circuitry so go ahead confide in me.
Im trying to be the best friend i am able to be but its me
so I'm not good with motions fuzzy spot especially
separate the you and me eliminate the we
i can't be us i must be me.

When the romance notion is addressed I can only ask why me?
I will not strut on eggshells my heels will stomp loudly
I do not police the DMZ. I am not here to make peace. I am not a cog in your coping machine. Please.
Just Subtlety adjust and trust I'll do likewise
But i think severing the tether permanently would be unwise.
It's more booboo than backstab Apocalypse unlikely
I'm sorry but at the same time im pissed off i have to be
archeological bronze age artifact permanently
Put up in your museum and just look back on it fondly
play fonzie or fake it till you can actually take it
face it and move on i'm trying to help with this song
Survey says i'm not wrong but i feel like I am
I am Supplemental friend Live up to the name when i can
i will not defend your feelings but i am not the enemy either
This is your sickness i can't sweat out your fever


from PARKING LOTS, released March 1, 2014


all rights reserved



Supplemental Friend

rapperproducersongmaker from Pennsylvania

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