Shut Up Little Man

from by Supplemental Friend

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You are not my fucking friend. just start it off real simple like
get no empathy from me don't know being whack feels like
i inspire all types to sing praises for my talents
Ichiban ego-strokers keep fanboyism transparent
But you come at it real murky like some reverse psychology mind game
Tryna play homie simultaneous while your mouth's occupied with my name
According to my mathematics its confirmed your style's corny
Your freestyles are boring and your whole steeze is obnoxious.
You burn dimes noxious and then pass it off in good conscious
and the fumes linger longer than the misconception your style's dope
Bring absolute assholism to unprecedented levels
And your alcoholism's hilarious, I hope you never get better.
I hope your vices stay gripped and deplete your whole potential
And you're whole life pans out like a fucking after school special
And your affinity for chemicals leave you broken and alone
More so than it already has. so Just put down the fucking microphone
Either your off the dome shit is some brilliant abstract artistic statement
Or you're just babbling like a mental patient until some words sound entertaining
My money's on the latter, I think i been giving you too much credit.
You're the rapper with a wack verse booed off before you even spit it
Our bracket disparity is borne entirely from your stupidity
And with clockwork regularity you undermine your own lucidity
So let my clarity for second play azure sky of deepest summer.
if we're being completely honest, I really hate you motherfucker


from This Shit Was Fun EP, released July 29, 2012


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Supplemental Friend

rapperproducersongmaker from Pennsylvania

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