Paranoid Bigotry

from by Supplemental Friend

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So I check her ex track record
All white like copacetic with a speech impediment
I just might
Be the brownest boy she fucks with
Paranoid bigotry
Racists all around she can't possibly be into me
Rebel against her PA Dutch heritage with heretics
To piss her parents off with a real scare like this
she serious? No. She's curious. intrigued.
She's want to come over and try my mom's middle east cuisine
But when it's time to open jeans. She's into it It seems.
Until novelty wears off and returns to familiar genes
We broke the walls down? Maybe. But not here.
In a state where KKK nearly out number deer
Paranoid bigotry
High school diversity if race were binary
Most girls didn't want me. Black girls called me whitey.
the white girls I liked could never bring me home to mommy
So fine just blow me.
Soothe your white guilt so you can call your friends nigga
Then I spilt white milk when you pull the right trigger.
That's gross. Race is not white and black. Social construct blah blah this shit is wack
At least I don't gotta act with my own kind. Nope wrong
Gotta pretend to give a fuck about God to get along.
Arabs disowned me cause they can't separate our culture from the okey-dokie
chain-smoking bogies.
Paranoid bigotry
My Arabic proficiency is moderate at best guess the fam is thinking less of me
I'm foreign. I'm assimilated.
That means I'm double hated. Born in the USA. Protesting it like Bruce say
And fuck what you say. How you're not a bigot.
You're fine with gays and blacks But hate faggots and niggas
And I don't give a fuck if you perceive a difference
How it's okay he's gay but not when the faggots in your way
Paranoid bigotry
Is this something actually or just what I can see when a girl just isn't into me.
Being brown in a black/white society x4


from This Shit Was Fun EP, released July 29, 2012


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Supplemental Friend

rapperproducersongmaker from Pennsylvania

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