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this song is about doing your own thing.


So much noise on the mic the whole scene is on the fritz
Disturbed as a baby had to call up doctor Lipschitz
This shit that get spit is like a rapper packing dip
trying get that gross shit out but he rips it.
Kicks it aside to clear the path for the next.
Spilling ill on the phone everybody think he texts.
But he step so correct everybody getting wrecked,
only get respect from local heads and his friends
At the end we all eat all sleep and all beat
all creep with the crew we be looking out for you
and we do all the things that a slacker know to do that's smoke a boge or 2
while we wiling out to wu.
We blue all day while we chase the light away
In Darkness we burn this the nights got a way
Of making it okay till the dawn anyway not awake when it wakes tell the day to go away.

loud sounds resonate when supplemental detonate
lower the approval rate when the noise rap emanate
innate flow propagate when I face the magistrate
the hollow man can't relate to the magic i create
wait. I got a hundred cats all better than you bitch
you just condoning violence I'm aware that i'm not rich
misogynist, racist, we thought it was a joke
now you transmute your hatred into fucking blood gold
oh big bad wolf 'bout blow my self esteem down
drink your bud light for the 2 weeks that you come around
I don't need to see you man, i don't want see you man
seaman women hater's club like he-man
the man penetrate the skull of an aryan think you got power with that gun that you're carrying
don't ask just shoot at anyone arabian and you been dreaming all your life to be a fucking navy man

Supplemental Friend be the centrum to your rap collection
Illest infinite dimensions don't spit shit in my direction
A-to-Zinc I'm tickled pink think to
shrink your whole significance
derivative t, kid, consequently, not into it
Wrecking motherfuckers and their art/thug dichotomy
Total polar everything you try to be
dope technically. Illest solar in the galaxy
black hole gravity devour up your artistry
Absolute destruction to MC's who were fucking with the friend
Few standard deviations from the trend
Will it blend? Fuck nah, stay separate from the populace,
I'm opposite innocuous, proving my hypothesis
So fuck money, being me means way more to me
If my independence's threatened motherfuck the authority
I'll leave you with a quote about my stance on conformity
"When sales control stats I place no faith in the majority"


from This Shit Was Fun EP, released July 29, 2012


all rights reserved



Supplemental Friend

rapperproducersongmaker from Pennsylvania

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