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I got caught in the machismo trap 3 laps around the Barbie block
Night time park mating dance ritual subtract the diamond block
Next night I'm taking stock rocking mics about the trauma
You met my momma and her disbelief was inde-fucking-scribal
I used to get down tribal like thump it like a bible like
In a little Pennsylvania shithole that believe the word is final
Like Spinal tap the situation and then move on the next one
Lather rinse repeat recreation but can't connect one
Deception unintentional but its stinging just the same
Mainframe meltdown broken vacuum tubes are neurons in my brain
The main vein constriction got me feeling crazy fucking hazy
Rubbing up on anything that recognize the supplemental, baby
Then fading into obscurity like an overnight pop sensation
After rearranging a 6's whole internal organization
making hate with this crustacean leaves you in a sad state of affairs
every egg in one basket smashed with no back up one to spare
rare find like a luck trinket but equally as slippery
bare behind like a toony toss wish and watch the rippling
Frame bent and doubled over quad clover type disorder.
blow this over explicitly to turn the passion colder
I used to think when I was older I could crush the mini-me
but now I realize my behavior is tied to a single fucking gene
I got the need to propagate but i get stuck tryna decrypt
mentally ill equipped gibberish signals i can't read cause I'm illiterate


from This Shit Was Fun EP, released July 29, 2012


all rights reserved



Supplemental Friend

rapperproducersongmaker from Pennsylvania

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