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14 stone of straight botheration and cold sweat
distressed silhouette in the distance a skeptical existence
apathetic to disinterest so I pass out fucks like candy
on a playground by the older dude rocking the whole conversion van thing
I'm the man on the wing on that Shatner lala land flight
ultra magnetic gremlin, eat exclusively at midnight
yeah right. really I'm more virginia woolfe than pimp c homes
so when I die I'm going down with a whole pocket full of stones
so I used to get real aggy when mademoiselle wouldn't have me
blow steam over spilt milk make a mean messy cappuccino
Demeanor turned neutrino feign negligence for the benefit
eros came in triplicate but gloom stayed monolithic
every trait specific I am nothing hear me hum with the buzz of a billion bugs, broken bass, bees, and projectors
erect a monument to the empire of dirt arranged meticulous
stack up downers in the back inventory spit ridiculous
I Kick it nouveau b-boy revival post suicidal thoughts
And keep it fresh like pop locking graff writing Lewis and Clarks
Collide with the likes Beauvoir and Sartre so that's a start
description of supplemental art and all future derivatives
A primitive male thought cooks in the deepest sectors of the gray matter and keep banging in the skull till something gets splattered
Doesn't matter whether brains, rotten fruit or beauty queen
it's still a disembodied hook yanking me the fuck out the scene
Troglodytic dissolution upon contact with the mirror me
Snafu after snafu makes me broken frozen socially
Burial plot saved cremated and looking glazed
Blaze cigarettes off cigarettes theoretic glory days
So I rush to make a clusterfuck of the Brooklyn home with air quotes
Pushed securely in to the red and right to peace of mind revoked.
Force choked by debt and fret feverish on the regular
In bed like Brian Wilson except I can't finance the breakdown
gibberish spills in immeasurable quantities to fill the china wear
of all my hard working friends and family. are they enchanted?
the weight of the whole blanket on my shoulders imploded onto a daytime of introspective fetal position half sleeping
not a one peep peeped from beyond the infinite and jupiter never burst to turn lucifer so sunlight glows weak.
feet first dive into the underbelly of my purpose
REM elusive but still REM conclusion
Emergence like a malformed mismatched butterfly
main gene misplaced means I fucked up the metamorphosis
Hypothesis location swap wrong. so long pharmacist.
I'll see ya next week and I'll speak in mumbles just for emphasis
ceiling changed position but still staring all the live long
like if i live long, i'll live right, i'll live life like finally!
fuck that in this past free fall episode I was writing
and fighting internally. eternal suffering's just more interesting
supplemental mental case hip hop fill the vacant space
as crab rappers disintegrate from the mighty supplemental blaster
and might be supplemental after the return from rotten apple
but that Napster search for rap music in ancient times did matter
and then uncle moe who showed me Nas and Jay-Z beef less weak from that peek into the passion that I had burning somewhere in me
so fast forward to the present day my static phase dramatic ways have swept away into a gravitational singularity
If i keep a safe distance, i can orbit it near infinite
distress despair intricate for a hot cosmological minute
A rhythmic symbiosis in this system with my old self
But I revolve with the reminder that this peak could still plummet
So while I'm at the summit I'm gonna make it known i love it
cuz fuck it things are better here than inside the giant bucket
and I plan to make a living on this mentality my sanity is makeshift
but still I'll grow up to be something truly spectacular
like jay electronica with no invisible man obsession
I'm the article in the clause that proves the nine tenths possession
With this device that I caress, I'll ingest your whole profession
so i'll be impressed when you acknowledge your obsolescence and fucking step to me


from This Shit Was Fun EP, released July 29, 2012


all rights reserved



Supplemental Friend

rapperproducersongmaker from Pennsylvania

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