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I am not successful, Smoke cigarettes by the chest full
To fuel the feeding frenzy I keep matches by the fistful
In my other hand's the mic at home in its proper place
So I paint my self Vishnu still smack you in your face
Straight geeked by the grace black lace wrapped lovely
Above me on the ladder theory jump knuckles bloody
Bass thuddy funny supplemental friend's bumping
in the speakers of the masses in their classes getting spastic
Elastic respiratory smoke filled and spit toxic
Classic-class roaring on the mic and split rocking
really, I wanna be a blip on the NORAD machinery
and a little shimmer something in the future's bleak scenery
Proliferate the species with sex assault. genius!
Ladies broke to pieces and scholars shut their peepholes
But the sex scene is bugging chugging little engine that could
I think I can, I think I... I don't think I can. I think I won't
Nope move along slip through the cracks in manstuff
Not tough violin diddy played tiny. fuck
Tough luck, dunny, hard pressed to find a sunny day
In this grayscale cloud covered scene from suburban driveway
This little piggy weeps when they cut off his PE
All the way home until his homies copped some fresh D's
Like Radio Raheem buying batteries, cheesing,
proceed to fight the power another 8 hours. easy.

I spend all day slaving over a hot beat for y'all
with not a single little thank you thrown my way
And I catered to the ethos that y'all yapped about in high school
just to watch you second guess your own incest, cool
Well delete this outlier or Ima blow your mean value higher than any member of your fucking scene
I guess once a dick always a dick but some dicks are just mean and others earned the right to call bullshit exactly as its seen
And I am
the local parking lot mascot corner booth vagrant
Late spot wide eyed flagrant
Flow to make your auntie start visiting, Fidgeting
Tryna place a digit why these girlies keep giggling
I'm figuring I said something humorous
But either she's never heard a joke before or she likes me.
Well considering the options ima go former might be
She never peeped the track record I display nightly
Not a single fuck given, that'll rope her in, right?
About a million ways to not talk to her tonight
So How am I gonna make rap music to pick up girls
When all the girls I wanna pick up fucking hate rappers

I sold my soul for a pair of grey and black high top sb dunks with the straps
and I tupac 96 bonnie and clyde with some chick I just met fuck that I just want my normal life back

Know-it-all revelation celebration deflated
with a "no you fucking don't" Cartesian cliche quotation.
So imagine mom's elation when she finally shut the fuck up
moved up in conformist ranks set trends and bred her friends. Thanks!
Thanks friends. Without you I'm just some pearly whites,
a sundress and a skewed perception of what is wrong and what is right
Future bright, like some little paper lantern glowing
but if the flame kisses pulp than than just gulp and take up sewing.
Because you're growing with the notion you're just some fish up in the ocean attracting fish nets with fishnets floating hoping choking
Choking on your words over 3 syllables it's a drag
I'm feeling bad for the fact that I'm a man fuck you dad
A slight ephebophillic fascination for the fairy folk
Till she spoke, and ruined the illusion I was going for
Little girls turned shiny object auctioned off to flyest bidder
Quit her after several kids with evidence you did her
Spray a litter kiss goodbye any dream that may have festered
When you left her with the babies that she insists have quote "blessed" her
So our system's banging fuck bitches get money funny we weren't singing that song getting tucked in by our mommys
teenaged girls wasted on their Y possessed cohorts
sluts and whores so guess what? your mother was a whore too


from The Most Frustrating People In The World EP, released January 13, 2012


all rights reserved



Supplemental Friend

rapperproducersongmaker from Pennsylvania

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