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Delusion mind state that every girl that I date
Is just going through her "fuck daddy" brown guy phase
Good days jenga tower till the great mood change
Like 10 slash two nine after nick met jay
But Gatsby was not me just less likely
To snuff it all alone undercovers nightly
But fight me with fire when you come to rip the hearts up
Spit harm like a bella fella's feathers tarred up
Fortune favors fuck ups shut the fuck up I am posi
Posi that my mommy never wants to talk about me
Nobody likes me now blink 3 6 5 early
Surely I've been really dirty since when I was seven thirty
Then the swelling second decade finally fully pluralized
Fuck it shut eyes till a better plan's devised
Now I'm asleep forever. How ya feeling? Never better.
i'll just wear this scarlet letter on my chest until i get her

Find grass to recreate the synesthesia felt the green grow between ya legs and arms and fingers and toes and I could hear your hair growing at an crazy rate rupunzle fate
chop it off and let me fall the buildings tall fuck em all I'll tell them all
Your hair is getting longer the day is getting shorter
and you're sorta all about missing out on all this water
of your hydrophilic past, see you in 9 months
Baby of disdain incubated happy faded 6 months
time to wash my hair and change my damn shirt
And get to work cuz its just 3 months before I kick dirt
Kick rocks talk quiet I'm loud as fuck. guys, I didn't mean to saturate the canvas just take the lectern back Damn it
I'm done blathering swallowed key but got ulcers
Culture soaked stomach contents emptied in your clutches
so, who brought the fucking dutches?
I'm sounding like a basquiat painting munching crazy on these kettle-cooked utz's

This is bedroom music I mean I made it my bedroom
Not Barry white but kinda tight small space headroom
Stay sitting when I'm spitting stop jumping up and down
That's why I always sound asleep when I'm really getting down
Turned around drop the gavel riding backwards in the saddle.
Rattled from the future so I keep it pointed hindsight
Flying right straight overtime work rate but still great with the shit that makes mom's head ache
the first time since uterus I've been really feeling vocal
Yeah I'm just an asshole (but dude your so social)
No that's Plots. I am Supplemental Friend.
And there's air quotes on the friend part so sorry try again
you said you don't like music. Okay
You prefer to truly see the pain in people's eyes but anyway
I make music about that so let's just compromise
Talk about the weather and just tackle small talk for a while
Is she in to me? I don't know.
Is she smiling? I don't know.
Is she pretty? I don't know.
Give her a cigarette. She doesn't smoke.
No. I'm just little puddle evaporating slow
Flow pro but sinking sinking sinking sinking sinking sinking
If I had penny every time a girl caught me thinking
You could catch me at the local pub alone drinking drinking
I'm a fish and a rock and a hard place and a casket
Little red riding hood with an overfull egg basket
Tragic Paul Revere figure archetype over right
Nope she just smiles as if I was actually worth it
And twirls her pretty hair around her little finger perfect
She's laughing at me, now Fuck this i'm bummed out, bitch

they're called women.


from The Most Frustrating People In The World EP, track released January 13, 2012


all rights reserved



Supplemental Friend

rapperproducersongmaker from Pennsylvania

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