Fuck Led Zeppelin

from by Supplemental Friend

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Wake up, roll over back to internal perception
That's really more my speed and I kill the radio reception
Everyday. 8AM I'm ripped from thoughts inside my head
by cacaphonic classic rock just to keep outside the red.
We wax nostalgic for an era that we never even lived in
Cuz grandpa's TV tells us that's the best it's ever been.
Fuck led zeppelin we can make our own masterpieces fuck you
Future shits banging in the tubes without you
repackaged anachronisms you try to sell back to us
to push your adolescence on us you will not see my dollars
I will not buy the rerelease of the Fourth Album y'all put out
let dying dogs die its about time this shit got put down
I'm waiting till you die so we can finally move off this
baby boomer bottom line obsessed culture fuck your profits.
22 years young so I could give a fuck less
about the greatest lost generation of nam vets turned execs.

rebel with a vague point. old fucks exploit
the media to reel you in to listening to pink floyd
dark side of the moon cover on every other chest
of a state school douchebag who preaches they're the best
and how music sucks now. shut the fuck up, no doubt
don't speak now about shit you do not know about
your whole concept of music comes from your racist old man
picking you up from soccer practice bumping some tape from steve miller band
from seven six in nine six cause thats what he grew up with
passed it on so for you new will always equal shit.
but do you ever wonder why it survived as long as it did?
because thats the best the era offered and rest sucked dick.
disco and novelty cash ins on trends existed then
but no pass given today; the labels always look for ends
bad music's nothing new fuck you your attitude
is a of twenty something disgruntled middle aged motherfucker


from This Shit Was Fun EP, released July 29, 2012
Raymond Scott Samples


all rights reserved



Supplemental Friend

rapperproducersongmaker from Pennsylvania

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