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Broken swing set bendy slide, bendy straw,
raw knee wounds mom soothes booboos when he falls
Band-aid fussy feeling better back to busting blocks
M-80s and cheez doodles stay colluding with the flock
Broke off and went han chewie chilling killer wit
Imaginary wookie wooly sweater and I'm feeling it
Ill shit commences Mensa member sentences
Followed by high tension waiting for a posi mention
Like lately I been bored with the hen house disorder and coyote's sitting tight waiting for acme to ship his order
So in the mean time I peruse the ancient angsty musings
of an infant whose chest requests and requires bruising
Fusing with a yearning for the glory days, a life full
Of Red Ryder carbine, two hundred shot air rifle
with a compass in the stock and a thing that tells time
And lesson learned abruptly when he shoots out his damn eye!
Oh my I think my ugly's showing humors get to overflowing
leech therapy make a mockery of the bitter end
This friend is right bubbly fumbling for a contact social contract legalese snap back into the abstract.
fuck that i'll just bounce the ball upon the paddle
posted up smoke a bogue waiting for another heart to grapple
exaggerated facial hair. I'm rookie of the year
looking Wookie from the beard and confident from drinking beer
You're slip is showing sweetheart.
Parked in my head a wonder, 6 more where that came from. And a wealth filed under blunder
Younger still, future confirmed a little pill
a little more machine now, little prick from brittle quills
Porcupine approach abrasive don't ya know
I gotta chopper in the trunk
And don't ya know I got no copper go kerplunk in my pockets looking bunk
You fucking punks is getting 2 lumps and black coffee. no cream!

Retention type: anal Detention time: daily
Paleolithic après Haley tickled teen heart barely
and fairly self sufficient with the lowering of regard
I did it all myself Ed, and it wasn't really all that hard.
so far i eat a cup-a-soup, yogurt and some hazelnuts
And Cassie too something about her drives me fucking nuts
and all this here sucks greater ears than mine have perked
fuck work, fuck school, fuck me, fuck you
fuck words pulling all nighters tryna find a difference
Between concern for a friend and just the meaningless theatrics
but the mere fact that I rap this means the wackness has a reason
Oh god! no god man you missed the whole point of the grievance
like season's caused by science we evolved from simple chemistry
It dies and we die someone alert the ministry
inner me hark way back to baby days
plus crime of passion slash clashing birthed me in the first place
I own my empty chromosome home with the anger
rap hard words and fuck girls: thats a banger
and why is that? well Y is why exactly. Abstractly aggression fills our canteens and we're parched.
Defined by discharged deoxyribonucleic
acid passed by my dad so corrosive when i spray it. asking
questions cause we just don't get it Hidden temple puzzle answers.
cancer for our minds so its best we just forget it

we're fascinated at the fact that we're not really that needed
media portrayal role reversal leave it to beaver.
single mom empowered and single daddy well he's a mr. mom
so we drop the bombs to show we're capable of doing harm
but at least its something flexing muscles show your teeth bring home bacon
aye aye cap'n either steer the ship or get to taking.
fake affection for the captor getting action was a factor.
conscious stockholm syndrome And you're a really shitty actor


from The Most Frustrating People In The World EP, released January 13, 2012


all rights reserved



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rapperproducersongmaker from Pennsylvania

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