The Most Frustrating People In The World EP

by Supplemental Friend

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This EP is about Girls and Boys and Rap Music and The Meaning of Life.


released January 13, 2012

produced and written by Supplemental Friend


all rights reserved



Supplemental Friend

rapperproducersongmaker from Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Girls (A)
Delusion mind state that every girl that I date
Is just going through her "fuck daddy" brown guy phase
Good days jenga tower till the great mood change
Like 10 slash two nine after nick met jay
But Gatsby was not me just less likely
To snuff it all alone undercovers nightly
But fight me with fire when you come to rip the hearts up
Spit harm like a bella fella's feathers tarred up
Fortune favors fuck ups shut the fuck up I am posi
Posi that my mommy never wants to talk about me
Nobody likes me now blink 3 6 5 early
Surely I've been really dirty since when I was seven thirty
Then the swelling second decade finally fully pluralized
Fuck it shut eyes till a better plan's devised
Now I'm asleep forever. How ya feeling? Never better.
i'll just wear this scarlet letter on my chest until i get her

Find grass to recreate the synesthesia felt the green grow between ya legs and arms and fingers and toes and I could hear your hair growing at an crazy rate rupunzle fate
chop it off and let me fall the buildings tall fuck em all I'll tell them all
Your hair is getting longer the day is getting shorter
and you're sorta all about missing out on all this water
of your hydrophilic past, see you in 9 months
Baby of disdain incubated happy faded 6 months
time to wash my hair and change my damn shirt
And get to work cuz its just 3 months before I kick dirt
Kick rocks talk quiet I'm loud as fuck. guys, I didn't mean to saturate the canvas just take the lectern back Damn it
I'm done blathering swallowed key but got ulcers
Culture soaked stomach contents emptied in your clutches
so, who brought the fucking dutches?
I'm sounding like a basquiat painting munching crazy on these kettle-cooked utz's

This is bedroom music I mean I made it my bedroom
Not Barry white but kinda tight small space headroom
Stay sitting when I'm spitting stop jumping up and down
That's why I always sound asleep when I'm really getting down
Turned around drop the gavel riding backwards in the saddle.
Rattled from the future so I keep it pointed hindsight
Flying right straight overtime work rate but still great with the shit that makes mom's head ache
the first time since uterus I've been really feeling vocal
Yeah I'm just an asshole (but dude your so social)
No that's Plots. I am Supplemental Friend.
And there's air quotes on the friend part so sorry try again
you said you don't like music. Okay
You prefer to truly see the pain in people's eyes but anyway
I make music about that so let's just compromise
Talk about the weather and just tackle small talk for a while
Is she in to me? I don't know.
Is she smiling? I don't know.
Is she pretty? I don't know.
Give her a cigarette. She doesn't smoke.
No. I'm just little puddle evaporating slow
Flow pro but sinking sinking sinking sinking sinking sinking
If I had penny every time a girl caught me thinking
You could catch me at the local pub alone drinking drinking
I'm a fish and a rock and a hard place and a casket
Little red riding hood with an overfull egg basket
Tragic Paul Revere figure archetype over right
Nope she just smiles as if I was actually worth it
And twirls her pretty hair around her little finger perfect
She's laughing at me, now Fuck this i'm bummed out, bitch

they're called women.
Track Name: Boys
Broken swing set bendy slide, bendy straw,
raw knee wounds mom soothes booboos when he falls
Band-aid fussy feeling better back to busting blocks
M-80s and cheez doodles stay colluding with the flock
Broke off and went han chewie chilling killer wit
Imaginary wookie wooly sweater and I'm feeling it
Ill shit commences Mensa member sentences
Followed by high tension waiting for a posi mention
Like lately I been bored with the hen house disorder and coyote's sitting tight waiting for acme to ship his order
So in the mean time I peruse the ancient angsty musings
of an infant whose chest requests and requires bruising
Fusing with a yearning for the glory days, a life full
Of Red Ryder carbine, two hundred shot air rifle
with a compass in the stock and a thing that tells time
And lesson learned abruptly when he shoots out his damn eye!
Oh my I think my ugly's showing humors get to overflowing
leech therapy make a mockery of the bitter end
This friend is right bubbly fumbling for a contact social contract legalese snap back into the abstract.
fuck that i'll just bounce the ball upon the paddle
posted up smoke a bogue waiting for another heart to grapple
exaggerated facial hair. I'm rookie of the year
looking Wookie from the beard and confident from drinking beer
You're slip is showing sweetheart.
Parked in my head a wonder, 6 more where that came from. And a wealth filed under blunder
Younger still, future confirmed a little pill
a little more machine now, little prick from brittle quills
Porcupine approach abrasive don't ya know
I gotta chopper in the trunk
And don't ya know I got no copper go kerplunk in my pockets looking bunk
You fucking punks is getting 2 lumps and black coffee. no cream!

Retention type: anal Detention time: daily
Paleolithic après Haley tickled teen heart barely
and fairly self sufficient with the lowering of regard
I did it all myself Ed, and it wasn't really all that hard.
so far i eat a cup-a-soup, yogurt and some hazelnuts
And Cassie too something about her drives me fucking nuts
and all this here sucks greater ears than mine have perked
fuck work, fuck school, fuck me, fuck you
fuck words pulling all nighters tryna find a difference
Between concern for a friend and just the meaningless theatrics
but the mere fact that I rap this means the wackness has a reason
Oh god! no god man you missed the whole point of the grievance
like season's caused by science we evolved from simple chemistry
It dies and we die someone alert the ministry
inner me hark way back to baby days
plus crime of passion slash clashing birthed me in the first place
I own my empty chromosome home with the anger
rap hard words and fuck girls: thats a banger
and why is that? well Y is why exactly. Abstractly aggression fills our canteens and we're parched.
Defined by discharged deoxyribonucleic
acid passed by my dad so corrosive when i spray it. asking
questions cause we just don't get it Hidden temple puzzle answers.
cancer for our minds so its best we just forget it

we're fascinated at the fact that we're not really that needed
media portrayal role reversal leave it to beaver.
single mom empowered and single daddy well he's a mr. mom
so we drop the bombs to show we're capable of doing harm
but at least its something flexing muscles show your teeth bring home bacon
aye aye cap'n either steer the ship or get to taking.
fake affection for the captor getting action was a factor.
conscious stockholm syndrome And you're a really shitty actor
Track Name: Girls (B)
I am not successful, Smoke cigarettes by the chest full
To fuel the feeding frenzy I keep matches by the fistful
In my other hand's the mic at home in its proper place
So I paint my self Vishnu still smack you in your face
Straight geeked by the grace black lace wrapped lovely
Above me on the ladder theory jump knuckles bloody
Bass thuddy funny supplemental friend's bumping
in the speakers of the masses in their classes getting spastic
Elastic respiratory smoke filled and spit toxic
Classic-class roaring on the mic and split rocking
really, I wanna be a blip on the NORAD machinery
and a little shimmer something in the future's bleak scenery
Proliferate the species with sex assault. genius!
Ladies broke to pieces and scholars shut their peepholes
But the sex scene is bugging chugging little engine that could
I think I can, I think I... I don't think I can. I think I won't
Nope move along slip through the cracks in manstuff
Not tough violin diddy played tiny. fuck
Tough luck, dunny, hard pressed to find a sunny day
In this grayscale cloud covered scene from suburban driveway
This little piggy weeps when they cut off his PE
All the way home until his homies copped some fresh D's
Like Radio Raheem buying batteries, cheesing,
proceed to fight the power another 8 hours. easy.

I spend all day slaving over a hot beat for y'all
with not a single little thank you thrown my way
And I catered to the ethos that y'all yapped about in high school
just to watch you second guess your own incest, cool
Well delete this outlier or Ima blow your mean value higher than any member of your fucking scene
I guess once a dick always a dick but some dicks are just mean and others earned the right to call bullshit exactly as its seen
And I am
the local parking lot mascot corner booth vagrant
Late spot wide eyed flagrant
Flow to make your auntie start visiting, Fidgeting
Tryna place a digit why these girlies keep giggling
I'm figuring I said something humorous
But either she's never heard a joke before or she likes me.
Well considering the options ima go former might be
She never peeped the track record I display nightly
Not a single fuck given, that'll rope her in, right?
About a million ways to not talk to her tonight
So How am I gonna make rap music to pick up girls
When all the girls I wanna pick up fucking hate rappers

I sold my soul for a pair of grey and black high top sb dunks with the straps
and I tupac 96 bonnie and clyde with some chick I just met fuck that I just want my normal life back

Know-it-all revelation celebration deflated
with a "no you fucking don't" Cartesian cliche quotation.
So imagine mom's elation when she finally shut the fuck up
moved up in conformist ranks set trends and bred her friends. Thanks!
Thanks friends. Without you I'm just some pearly whites,
a sundress and a skewed perception of what is wrong and what is right
Future bright, like some little paper lantern glowing
but if the flame kisses pulp than than just gulp and take up sewing.
Because you're growing with the notion you're just some fish up in the ocean attracting fish nets with fishnets floating hoping choking
Choking on your words over 3 syllables it's a drag
I'm feeling bad for the fact that I'm a man fuck you dad
A slight ephebophillic fascination for the fairy folk
Till she spoke, and ruined the illusion I was going for
Little girls turned shiny object auctioned off to flyest bidder
Quit her after several kids with evidence you did her
Spray a litter kiss goodbye any dream that may have festered
When you left her with the babies that she insists have quote "blessed" her
So our system's banging fuck bitches get money funny we weren't singing that song getting tucked in by our mommys
teenaged girls wasted on their Y possessed cohorts
sluts and whores so guess what? your mother was a whore too
Track Name: Tradition
As if a space opera would somehow be more accessible
by the way the drums is Animal like the muppets got their hands on 'em
so my incisors sink into the synthesizers
deconstruct percussion interrupted by the fire
Drum provider bribed her just to maybe get inside her
Desire kept tucked in 3rd grade all nighter.
So will you bang this in the whip? No?
I didn't think so. Fun was fun once, now dunce demands to go home.
Under cover agent reading hardy boys at bedtime
assisted by the moonlight and outside a neon sign
Fine but time passed and now he finally joins the world
got older, realized barbie dolls weren't just for girls.
Malibu dream house espoused to visitor status
classless asshole and dazzle the apparatus
massless castle so inflict the harm on me
I don't even toot my horn. the sample do it for me.

so keep your ear to the dirtiest section of the floor boards
the basement's straight Merlin no anthropomorphic sword
Still bored? Okay pack it up Let's get it moving
Proving I can carry the wound as well as soothe it
Supplement illest in the world beat tilter
before I purse my lips I suck a fucking camel filter
king cole spoke truth but dead by the cancer
Like if I get a few good years in, making smoking is the answer.
pure oxygen environment prohibits such activities
My head is floating in space and I mean that quite literally
really though, the terrestrial issues got me steaming
or maybe just wilting
rent past due tilting
pinball wizard turned pinball illusionist
turned pinball birthday clown turned "how do I do this?"
I used to have a bank account. what happened?
It ran out.
can't do this shit myself just enjoy what rick ross rap about

and this is not rap music,
It's just music and just so happens that i'm rapping to it stupid
torn between creating art and just consuming it
Invited to the potluck, brought no dish abusing it
Venn diagram with "fuck the man" in the overlap
like I'm not punk? like this ain't some fuck the world rap?
A circus act of professional loud talkers
thank jesus, talk slaughter, spit pauper, hawk water
fuck bitches got daughters fallacy is obvious
So godless and still dragon slaying great regardless
of my background or foreground fuck it man i'm profound
if you dig though all the garbage and black tar deep down
frown stained mug, shrug at anything you step with
relentless takeover Supplement J-Hova
so in the great ancient tradition of the last show
i'll be back for one more and one more and one more and one more
Track Name: The Point
in or out kiddy chitty chitty truly scrumptious
rambunctious I guess pay the rent with sticky substance
I Love this Portnoy's till you're Soylent Green
Gone home and stayed alone thats fine stay stoned see
let it be known that if you're easy on the inside
you'll starve to death a shallow wreck and no one'll fucking sympathize
crooked eyes pointed down lets move along buddy
Apathy in high school now the rivers getting muddy
I ain't saying study school is bullshit, that's real
But be certain thats its only your hand thats on the wheel.
It's meaningless, I get it. On some walden pond shit
I wouldn't trust your sense of self as far as I could Thoreau it.
But I'm thorough with this microphone witness the sickest flow since the British took interest in the suez
Robert frost predicament
Smoke cigarettes tryna figure out where that more travelled road went
Believe me I hate it just as much the next guy
But I'm here so let's just make best of a bad time
Stay tied down but I loop my own knots
And I ain't spinning nooses so I'm cool with the slow rot
Alternative is vagrant bad day kids kick flagrant shit to disobey blatant
Rebel without a cause just a complaint in a body
We're Living life sloppy Head's is looking blocky
You will be remembered
You will be remembered
You will be remembered
and thats the fucking point
but every time you make a counterpoint your logic's kinda out of joint
disappoint habitual suck residual into you
smooth criminal if you rolled it up proper, then ima hit it too
but then we got bills and shit
So thats when you split
dry humping the line between close friend
and just a bum that always wants a cigarette
You will be remembered
You will be remembered
You will be remembered
and thats the fucking point
but any problem that I pinpoint you call a different viewpoint
damn right objective prime directive obsessive
aggressive evading intervention
in the infinite regression but I only got a limited time
and thats when I find
whats used be one of a kind
removed from the museum like curators changed their minds

You will be remembered
You will be remembered
You will be remembered
but you cannot be preserved
time'll keep marching on and you will get what you deserve
and you'll forever be the name for a lesson that I learned