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this a collection of songs mostly recorded in the second half of 2013. noises range from old breaks and squelchy bass synths to record noise and my whiny voice. I hope you like it.


released March 1, 2014

written and produced by me


all rights reserved



Supplemental Friend

rapperproducersongmaker from Pennsylvania

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Track Name: TMNT
I am often not on top of shit
My algorithm is idealize disappoint and never quite get off of it
my rhythm is black eyes unsettling just rhyme on top of it
Sit in parked cars bumping it and people call the cops and shit
I am often an unsavory friend
My ethic is peek-a-boo disappoint and never fucking peek again
My record's subdue smash and rock mics until the end
I'm supplemental friend and I will never ever blend
I am often lost inside my head
My pastimes assess catastrophe and never fucking try again
My rhymes come out the factory and filter through the pen
No matter what message I send I am not here to offend.
I am often without a stable plan
My mother's favorite phrase "get a good job grow up and be a man"
I am other so it's unlikely you could really understand
Just gimme a hand. I'm back by no demand

feral social butterfly a former guy that people knew
ReCocooned underpass troll asleep in the tollbooth
Roll two Don Knots flashing all of y'all the gas face
whole fan base is confined between the lines of this parking space
do you like my face? Yeah I didn't think so.
Whole crews freak show medical oddities legitimate
and actually make me feel like i'm a kid again for real
i can't reinvent the wheel its kind of a big deal.
to lift that anchor, man, and the get voyage going
i am titantic i can feel it man. i just know it.
She is iceberg. It is iceberg. what ever obstacle it is
i know that my frame will be crashing directly into this shit
not interesting enough to be studied and talked about for century,
SS Supplemental quietly finds a plot in ship cemetary
in february I made bangers
in march i crawled fetal
in april i dodged bankers
in may i smoked lethal
in june i went full boone coonskin cap discustoid
scope the lifestyle I'm suprised I'm not more 'noid
enter and exit the void like schiztoid and mastered it.
with or without plastic tips supplemental disastered it
Asshole in real life, on the mic tragic kid
This is not the peak in the waveform i'll deal with it
Supplemental ride the valleys of this shit like murderous
eat too much pizza underground on some teenage ninja turtles shit
Track Name: HUNDS
My adolescent angst took a wrong turn at Albuquerque
And showed up 5 years late to snuff out my fucking good time
Night plays pranks on its audience of past prime
Blanks where the faces oughta be. Great thanks.
Clothesline riddled with the delicates.
A fella gets pissed when the neighbors poke outside and catch a smell of it
Relevant. Yeah right. Never that. I rather rapture hit the Rural lot
And be damned eternal actual
Crack full grown men in their shit rhyme maker
With the slightly rearranged score for an elevator
conversation rewind with strangers blink mind sink
crack in the night right creeping on your coords tight
Fight words is out there I'm being real asshole
They only method mastered to penetrate the castle
Even then when the catapults are waiting to lay siege
I'll give a rap upon the door and if you don't answer I'll just leave

Man fetch your hounds already and let's settle this. x7
give the hunt a final go maybe actually murk a fox damn

I am an uninvited guest in this geometry
somebody played me crooked all I got were muddy wallabees
infatuate shape doubled hexagon power up
trajectory fucked up
Chemically stable in a spilled cup
5 more erupt more beautifully than I could muster up
A clusterfuck of dumb shit I couldn't shut the fuck up.
Fuck the shut-in gently with a chainsaw. Classic.
Then watch him lose his shit from some photo date Jurassic
Melted plastic makeshift drastic measure apparatus
Consistent frog throat heavy coughing coal canary status
my breath game is the baddest but not bad meaning good
bad meaning bad the raddest I'm just misunderstood
or not understood at all its really up to y'all
if my poem is complete shit stains its totally your call
but incest turbulence'll cause problems in the community
A fucking vicious cycle played out in perpetuity
Track Name: SIXBUCKS
I had 6 bucks
Bought a pack, took a ride and chained it up
I had 6 bucks
five on a bag, copped a big blue and lit up
I had 6 bucks
Ordered grilled cheese, bad coffee and threw up
I had 6 bucks but fuck now I'm broke again

Routes intersect I stuck a knife in the road
I had 6 bucks now my vision's filthy windows
Every streetlight's starry night
Every headlight's the sun every cop smells my blunt and my head stays in limbo
Grilled cheese burned this cup is so shit
I had 6 bucks now my vision's filthy toilet
Every asshole got his laugh
every patron's a judge Every one smells my gut and p-noid turns legitimate
my throat is on fire but i want it that way
i had 6 bucks now visions through a haze
every match stick's a tchotsky
every butt is a prize every one shouts unwise and my lungs got malaise
I had 6 bucks but my now pockets look fucked
I had 6 bucks but again now I'm broke
gave a dollar for 2 cigarettes laughed at his joke
Loitering for dolo in a 5 dollar polo

I want some x'd out eyes supplied to my ex-boss
Chugging little engine dead stop topham hat was mad cross
Lost multiple man hours at the mercy of the man
Stand like 20 hours straight to maybe get a little bonus bogus
I had six bucks but i thought i had more
i had six bucks and i walked out the door
being around dudes that already gave up is making me nervous
and checking out of the delusion does my life a disservice
and shit i want some extra 0's added on my last check
bugging out 6 what? this shops getting wrecked
lost every last dime i squeezed out this whole endeavor
play it off like its fine Yeah im better off whatever
I had six bucks and i stuck it back in my pocket
i had six bucks and walk around misanthropic
i went to work to get pissed off called my friends on my days off
now every days off with an all day cough
Track Name: DUSTPLUS
Smush room on wheels bass buzz boom that's sex toy
a little room in the backseat that i'd like to employ
its natural you see cuz we're just girls and boys
search and destroy never ever ever coy
You can say I'm annoyed with all the hooks buttons and zippers
and anything else in the way of me getting in her
if this makes us sinners, fuck religion. I'm with this
sixteen and smitten playing it was written
loosen elastic I'm still young and spastic
before it got drastic i slipped on the plastic
crazy prophylactics in school we was laughing
but now it feels real so throw shields on the dick
Like big did to avoid all that HIV shit
Like with tip with Bonita before he got in
Like ghost's man big moe from the shelter he felt her
But after the laughter he said came the tears
According to them, I'm ahead of my peers
No advice on my actions so of course it feels weird
Lying to mom ride to read the Quran
While a room full of zombies say my feelings are wrong
Lying to no one to make this feel right
In fact my last tooth fairy thought was that night.
So thinking I won't go to hell if I do it
I said we'd get married I'm 16 and stupid
So Cupid unloaded a clip in my ass
So I pushed no push back EKG tone goes flat
first aid for 2 years so I'm practically certified
pack up my shit and then bounce to NY
fight or flight reflex engage to full blast
so run fast and strike close to the heart in a flash
so I suck down to ash every bit of my cash
trying to think what to say to my graduate class
Urban Throuogh feeling triple unfly
so slow my soul back down yo I'm super unkind
In Brooklyn I both lost and found half my mind
and rest's in the gutter where I left it that night
Track Name: SUBTLE
Subtlety nah dogg I don't know the meaning of it
deliberate deliberately internally I'm screaming it
Scheming on a plot to talk both ears off
But I don't think I could really come across sincere enough
Fuck us. It's just I. It's done. Just die.
And I'll die too cause I know you hate to lose.
no Tom Cruise on my end. My body stays planted.
I'll be alone listening to slanted and enchanted
Ear to the pavement to feel what's coming next
But the person in the projection just looks perplexed
Until now, its been as complex as Proto-life protein strands
I'm full blown mammal. But I only have two hands.
so i cannot juggle all these personas effectivley
son brother friend supplemental and employee
you wanna toss another chainsaw up in that mess?
i'll be upset if you do, but at least it's progress.
No stress zero in the forseeable path
It's gonna take heavy math to subtract all that
but fuck that metamorph still erratic as fuck
eradicated my bucks my whole life's in the trunk

Unpack. park the car. meander to the woods
and i guess i'll just pitch my tent in your neighborhood
"It's just temporary" obligatory mantra chanting practically
post post modern version of a greek tragedy
victim of badgering and unwarrented finger pointing
in exchange for a possibility of entering the void again.
george foreman me for a definition of these activities
"i don't really know" I reply half-heartedly
and part me is no vacancy. the other part we flip the off switch
and i am no tracy dick. but i think i may of solved this
I am blatant you are gradient binary to decimaly
discrete as the state of my circuitry so go ahead confide in me.
Im trying to be the best friend i am able to be but its me
so I'm not good with motions fuzzy spot especially
separate the you and me eliminate the we
i can't be us i must be me.

When the romance notion is addressed I can only ask why me?
I will not strut on eggshells my heels will stomp loudly
I do not police the DMZ. I am not here to make peace. I am not a cog in your coping machine. Please.
Just Subtlety adjust and trust I'll do likewise
But i think severing the tether permanently would be unwise.
It's more booboo than backstab Apocalypse unlikely
I'm sorry but at the same time im pissed off i have to be
archeological bronze age artifact permanently
Put up in your museum and just look back on it fondly
play fonzie or fake it till you can actually take it
face it and move on i'm trying to help with this song
Survey says i'm not wrong but i feel like I am
I am Supplemental friend Live up to the name when i can
i will not defend your feelings but i am not the enemy either
This is your sickness i can't sweat out your fever
Track Name: M*)#S
This not my final resting place (at least I hope not!)
It's just a stop along the way to the grave (and I hate it)
Is it a waste? (No way man, life's a journey or what ever...)
but whatever is not exactly the most assuring of ideas
but build an ethic on the shaky motto "livin' life"
now "livin' life" is rocking mikes but also mostly working nights
but now my soul is in a chokehold inflicted by the bills
with not enough to mosey I'm getting cozy stitting still.
with no stimulation aside from bumping method man occasionally
my chance of self implosion is increasing rather dangerously
I said with no stimulation aside from bumping method man occasionally
my chance of self implosion is increasing rather dangerously
Unseasonably warm for this time and line of latitude, or rather, things are just okay this time of year and that is weird
Usually getting told to check my attitude is pretty clear but lately ive been getting along just swimmingly with all my peers
And the boss ain't that bad (of course he is they all are!) Okay but at least i have my car (Yeah, dude but that's broke too!)
okay but i can toke a few craft a masterpice in pieces and derive a drop of bloody honey from this life prothesis
I never met a beanpole i didn't try to recussitate
just a product of the culture of never talking straight
talking round in circles to avoid an awkward run in
in the dreamland or at wawa can't let those worlds collide
Oh but they do and form the most brilliant cacaphonic spree
Of graying hair chewed fingernails and acute lung disease.
Psychosomatic vomiting and restless nights. Bending trees
This week I'm lit up next week I'm mister freeze
Mister please can I please put the pick axe down early
Jeeeze I've been slaving hard and pretty much behaving.
Don't that a mean a thing?
Guess not. after tax I cop a pack an hour
And I take full advantage play the coward
With a massive impressive catalog of content for the wee hours
The dark is all I got posted up in parking lots
so I mean no disrespect but please mo money mo problems is an absolute asshole thing to say